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The Stage is Set

Propelled by a continuing search for the inner dialogue of the city environment and its people, I explore each neighborhood, searching for its own special character and history. One rich source I’ve discovered are store-front windows, a theater of dichotomies.

Inside the store’s window, the stage is set. All is still, frozen in time and space - a make-believe dream world. Outside, all is chaotic, unplanned, in uncontrollable motion – a cast of thousands of performers, each in their own fast-paced reality, swirling amid the cars and trucks and taxis. Fragments of a city’s evolving architecture, from many different eras, jockey for a spot on the stage. Further heightening the drama are the time of day, season of the year, and quality of light, which hide, reveal and complicate in unpredictable ways.

All that separates these two worlds is the glass, which for me, the photographer, unites them. I search for the angle and moment that brings it all together, and click the shutter.

New York Seen

These works may look like photo collages, but they are always single exposure photographs. Starting with reflective surfaces as my canvas, I employ a palette of color, light and shadow, line and form to fashion complex, multi-dimensional dreamscapes. Fragments of architecture, people, traffic, signs, mannequins and objects combine to form narratives about past and present, fantasy and reality, capturing, in a split second, conflicting and overlapping impressions of our fast paced contemporary world, with all its sounds, contradictions and confusion..

Message on the Wall

A series of moments, a crazy quilt of centuries, of buildings, both residential and commercial, along with the people who live and work and visit there, the traffic and advertising, the noise and luxury and grime - all the possibilities that make a city home to millions and a destination for millions more. Past and present weave in and out, filled with life and the lives of people passing by.

Southern Exposures

In shop windows and on the streets, South Florida has a vibe all its own. Brilliant sun, sultry nights, hot colors, swaying palms, glitter and glamor and grime, construction cranes and historic facades. Photographing the cultural landscape takes on new dimensions in the subtropical heat.

Futures Past and Present

Elle Schorr and Jerry Kornbluth / Collaboration
April 29 - June 24, 2017: The Projects at FAT Village, Fort Lauderdale, FL
March 9 - 10, 2018: Out of the Box at the Mordes Collection / WhiteSpace, West Palm Beach, FL

The future is the most ephemeral of ideas - a moving target - constantly evolving, morphing, responding to new information. Every person’s perspective is unique, measured going forward into infinity from wherever we are in space and time. The realities of what comes next, or how it may turn out, can be vastly different, or maybe differ only in details, or happen when we least expect. Centuries, decades, years, all move from future to present to past, in the blink of a proverbial eye. Technology, political ideology, economic considerations, ecology and private psychological space - all lead to future possibilities.

Media: Used books and furniture, video projection

Red, White, and Business

December 15, 2017 - January 6, 2018: 2nd Biennial "Artists of Art Salon" Exhibition, Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL

"RED, WHITE, AND BUSINESS" is an exploration of the role of patriotism in American economic life. From “Mom and Pop” businesses to major international corporations, the appropriation of red, white and blue, the symbolism of stars and stripes, and the words that symbolize the idealized / mythological greatness of the United States of America jump out at us from roadways and street signs across this vast nation.

Whether they exist as a matter of deeply held beliefs, or of calculated plan, is generally unknown and unknowable. Some have been part of our collective national subconscious for many decades, even centuries, modified to reflect current design and branding trends. Some, perhaps, are a reflection of post 9/11 feelings, and of personal experiences and reactions to the two subsequent wars. Some may be a reflection of a wish to identify as Americans in a country expressing great ambivalence about the role of immigrants, and yet made up of immigrants from every corner of the globe. Some may hope to convey a sense of national pride or identity in products and resources, whether "made in the USA" or brought to our shores from around the world.

These images are part of a growing collection of chance encounters, captured over a period of years. They’re a fraction of a vastly greater array of missed opportunities: trucks that passed in the opposite direction, or signs seen while driving to other destinations, when stopping to photograph them was not possible.

This collection of images is intended to spark an open dialogue among viewers, who themselves hold many different opinions as to the meaning and use of the American flag.

Media: Photographic Installation

Back to Nature

Respite from the world, a hunger in all of us, time out to refresh our senses, breathe fresh air, hear the silence, the rush of water, the rustle of leaves, the sounds of birds and wildlife, to absorb the beauties of the natural world.



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